21Fold Song/Lyrics Page
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Complete listing of *21 Fold* songs!
Lyrics will be copyrighted soon so look for em to appear here shortly!

*21 Fold* songwriter Pimpin' G... playing one of his own brilliant riffs (probably just another Blink song in all likelihood, he has a problem with that!)

*21 Fold* songwriter Freakin Phil...coming up with yet another cool bass line (wondering when they'll cover a COOL song.)
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Sorry, but the band doesn't want their precious songs stolen! But email Gary and he'll probably hook you up with some lyrics if you're interested...
The Songs
*~written by Pimpin' G
#~written by Freakin Phil
$~words by Phil, music by Gary
Czech Please*

Diary of a Lonely Snowboarder*

Exactly What It Seems*

Fight, Tough Guy, Fight*

Gap Girl Distraction*

Happy Together* (punked up oldie)


In The Zone$ (aka "Friends")

I've Got It Together$

Lovin' Feeling* (punked up oldie)


No Remorse#

Oral Pleasure* (aka "The Altoid Song")

Quit Your Job If It Sucks and Find One You Can Have Fun at Dude*

Relaxed* (no words to this one!)


We're So Hardcore#

Look for these songs to appear on our forthcoming demo and full legnth...
obviously they won't all be on the same album, so a Discography will be created for you to know what to be salavating in anticipation over.

The supersexy songwriters for *21 Fold*, proud after their first gig...

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