*Erin's Editorial*
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...the rants and raves of the brilliant and available Manager for *21 Fold*
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*Erin's Editorial* 3/13
Ahoy-hoy devoted fans of 21 Fold. I apologize for the irregularity and infrequency of these things. I really should be more on the ball, but school's been keeping me occupied. From this moment forth, i'll make sure serving 21 Fold's loyal fan-base is my number one priority. On with the editorial...

*I attended a show at Delareto's on March 11th that benefitted the family of Brian Deneke. Some terriffic bands played, including Pull 130 (whose album i purchased...definitely a wise investment), Blind Society, The Virus, and Blanks77, whose guitarist was a lady. This pleased me immensely...I freakin' heart bands with girl power. The latter two bands are rather popular (it's a shame our area doesn't have a better venue to accomodate the large number of fans the more popular bands attract), and the energy and enthusiasm of Blanks' crowd was extremely boss.

*If you haven't already, check out the photographs taken at 21 Fold's very first show. The boys are very photogenic, so it's probable that you shan't be disappointed. Also, keep watch for future shows...booking is in the works at this very moment

*As of now, I, manager of the wonderful 21 Fold, have opened the occasional practice to the public...alright...to the pals of 21 Fold. Email me for the dates, times, and location at Eve Paranoia@aol.com.

*...and the Kevin Smith quote of the week is...
"...insubordination rules!"

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