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Here you can find any news that has appeared on the *21 Fold* Website.
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*Old News*
*The show at Delareto's was great. The guys had a lot of fun opening for a bunch of great bands, especially NOT AT ALL and BIG FAT HUGE. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported *21 Fold* at their debut. The guys hope they've substantiated their fan base, and that everyone had a good time.

*21 Fold* recently hired Erin Chappini as their manager. Erin is incredibly smart, funny, musically knowledgable and available! Email her with any suggestions, questions, show propositions or to answer this personal ad-~> Eve Paranoia@AOL.com

*21 Fold* will be making their debut appearance on February 26th...they're playing an eclectic show at Delarato's with the likes of Not At All, Pull 130, Weapon of Choice, the Dickheads, and HOPEFULLY Big Fat Huge. For directions to Delerato's and more details about the show, click the Delerato's link at the bottom, or email Erin. A big thanks goes to Christian for booking us...thank him for the show if it rocks, but don't complain to him if you're dissapointed (which you won't be!)

*~21 Fold~ recently caught their good friends BIG FAT HUGE in action, and man did they rock! *21 Fold* gives their 100% support to the coolest ska band from the Northeast and you should too! Check out their website! (Link at bottom)

*Another band *21 Fold* fully supports is Don't Look Down. They're a great pop punk band from the Ocean City area and they're getting big, so jump on the bandwagon! (no pun intended) They're playing Philly soon, so check out their site!

*~21 Fold~ endorses Mountain Creek, Jack Frost/Big Boulder, Camelback, Hunter, and Stowe mountains...so go there to snowboard like Gary does!

Site adds:
(3/13) Bio page for Adam and Andrew created; Delareto's pix added; every page updated.

(3/12) Chat Room feature added.

(2/16) Erin's Editorial added.

(2/11) Jerry's bio added.

(1/30) The date for the debut of *21 Fold* has been set...make sure you go to the Cool Stuff page and find out when and where you can begin your love affair with *21 Fold*! (This page gets updated the most frequently, so check there regularly).

(1/20) Pictures have been added, be sure to check them out and drool a little! (Note, when opening any pages, let them load, don't close the "welcome to a tripod member page" until it's finished downloading).

(1/17) Band History: Guitarist/singer Gary Hink and Bassist/model Phil Perkins met in the early months of 1999...soon they'll be a very comprehensive history of their experiences both in bands and in life together, but for right now this part is being paraphrased. In the crazy, historic summer of 1999, Gary met drummer Jerry D through some mutual friends that the band doesn't hang out with anymore. Soon after, this tantalizing triumvirant formed together and focused their efforts on writing songs...which brings us to the present cuz that's still what they're doing! The only way this web site was created was through payment of a very large sum of money to a nice guy who found time out of his busy day to do it (though you'll hear that they just asked some loser computer wiz with no life to do it and he jumped at the chance...)
Originally, they were called *Five Fingered Discount* as named by the brilliant Freakin' Phil, after not finding anything to his liking from the contest they had to name the band. After calling themselves 5FD for a couple months, the band found that many other bands have been forced to change their name from that...so instead of facing legal suits, the band held another contest, cuz they're that lazy, and yes, history would repeat itself: Phil just named the band, after receiving hundreds of suggestions. (The band thanks everyone who participated in both of our contests, and apologizes for not picking a winner!) Hence, *21 Fold* was born...

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