Jerry's Bio
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Jerry provides the craziness that gets *21 Fold* going 200 mph...

You don't get much crazier on the drums than Jerry D...

A close up of Jerry D is coming soon...but here he is for now rocking at the show.
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We're willing to bet money you can't play fast than our percussion boy...
Jerry's Bio
*Name: Jerry Delrosso
*Nickname: NOT Burnsey...

*Eye Color: Brown
*Hair Color: Brown
*Height: 5'6"
*Weight: 140 lbs

*Marital Status: open for business

*Occupation: a kid who pretends to play drums

*Claim to fame: 200 mph beats that every punk band will wish they had; stealing the show away from pretty boy frontmen Gary and Phil; learning 7 songs the night before the first show and executing them incredibly.

*Band duties: drumming as fast as possible

*Inspirations: Your mom

*Favorite Bands: Anything but that faggot country shit

*Hobbies: Guitar, your mom
*Rides: Your mom
*Outfitted by:Your mom

*Quotes: "Be kind to your buds."
"You guys (Pimpin' and Freakin') are gay."

*Shout outs: Your mom,and Dr. Greenthumb

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