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*21 Fold* stuff....yeah, indulge a little!

*21 Fold* Tenor Saxophonist Adam B jamming at the Delerato's show.

Hey, it's Freakin Phil , concentrating on one of his killer bass lines!

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Ah, the sexy sights and sweet sounds of summer...let *21 Fold* show you a swingin' good time.
*21 Fold* etc.

*~*Thursday, 7/20 @ the Somers Point American Legion Hall (directions soon!)
WildCard Productions presents....
Just In Case, The McFlys, *TwentyOne Fold*, SqueezePoint, The Dickheads, Dark Day Dawning, The Spanish Word For Danger, DON'T LOOK DOWN, plus one more TBA. The closest you'll get to a ska/punk/hardcore show at the shore.
$6 ($1 to Cystic Fibrosis) 5:00 doors.
FLYER HERE (with directions)

*~*Friday, July 21st in Horsham PA. Playing with The Spanish Word For Dangers, our ska buddies from Philly. More info soon.....


*~*TENATIVE! Thursday, August 10th @ The Somers Point American Legion Hall. Wildcard Productions presents: *Twenty One Fold*, The Spanish Word For Danger, The Dickheads, Pull 130, Go Real Slow, Dark Day Dawning, and BIG FAT HUGE! Mark your calendars because since it's late in the summer, the boys will be all tan and gorgeous and you won't want to miss it all of these great bands.
More info soon...probably 5:00 and $7.
Info/booking, email Hoss.

*~*Friday, August 11th @ the FeedBarn in Tuckahoe. Erin and Meggo present: Just In Case, The McFlys, *21 Fold*, Triple Zero, Smashed By Cars, Nero, and Pull 130. Email email Erin for details...more info coming soon.

*~*Friday, August 11th. And because *21 Fold* is all about 13 year old girls in tight clothes with lots of makeup....they're playing on the Ocean City Boardwalk! No time yet, but @ the 11th street pavillion. Info: Gary

*~*More shows are in the works right now, email
Gary if you want to play with *21 Fold*.

*A new page for jersey shows is in the early stages of construction. Check back for more on this....

*~*Twenty One Fold/Wildcard Productions are proud to introduce.....JUST IN CASE. From South Jersey, they are a 4 piece pop punk band that is destined to be great. Featuring ADAM BUCCIERELLI, Mike Bolton, Jay Fittipaldi, and Brian Rash, J.I.C. debuted on Saturday, 7/8 and is playing both upcoming Wildcard shows. Come out and support this up and coming band!

*~*Delareto's is officially NOT having any more shows. The last show ever was f*cking awesome.....*21 Fold* was proud to play with the Hand Me Downs, Triple Zero, The Dickheads, Pull 130, and Don't Look Down. Great job to Christian Smith who put on yet another great show, and thanks for booking us! Thank you to everyone who supported the last show, and all of the shows there, especially the ones *21 Fold* played. Concerned about the future of the south jersey scene? Email Gary.

*~*Wildcard Productions is officially open for business! Bringing you the ska and punk you crave somewhere or another in jersey....Bands/Production Crews/Labels: email Gary or Hoss for booking info. No matter where you're from in jersey (or even Philly), somewhere there's a kid dying to discover a new underground jersey band...drop us a line and we'll see what we can make happen.

*~*Dairy Queen Erin Chappini resigned as manager, professing herself to be too lazy. *21 Fold* thanks her for her services and support, and hopes she continues to work with them as well as the many emerging bands of south jersey.

*~*A new page dedicated to the awesome websites of cool New Jersey bands and scene sites has been added. This will be constantly updated so check it out to get the links for great jersey bands or if you're bored. Constantly updated!

*~*If anyone is familiar with the Go Real Slow site then you've already seen the work of one swingin' webmaster, POWERHOUSE. Go Real Slow is an awesome pop-punk band from Trenton, who Wildcard Prod. will bring to south jersey soon. Right now Powerhouse is also doing J.A.P.O.B. site which is pretty cool too, but soon you'll also be looking at his money handiwork in the form of the NEW *21 Fold* site! It's almost done, so check back soon for the link.....

*~*Some more bad news: The shows page cannot be updated for some strange reason, so bear with the webmaster and count on your newsletters to get you show info!

*~*Join the *21 Fold* Mailing List to receive updates and info about shows, and lots of other stuff...sign up at the bottom.

*~*There's a chat room hosted by *21 Fold* that's been newly added to the site. Drop by and talk with other *21 Fold* fans...

*~*Assorted Info:
~PICTURES of the Delareto's shows are on the site! These are great shots of the show, courtesy of Mrs. Georgoulianos. *21 Fold* would like to thank one very cool mom for not only coming but capturing the boys' sexiness with her digital cam quite well!

~No one can possibly wonder why *21 Fold* loves Big Fat Huge so much after the gigs that they've played together. Not only are they a GREAT ska band, they hooked up *21 Fold* with equipment which was desperately needed.
THANK YOU->Pete, Luke, Ben and everyone!
(On a side note, if anyone would like to help out the band by providing sponsorship or equipment through generous donation, the band would be eternally grateful...email Gary to discuss details.)

*~21 Fold~ has yet to record a cd, but plans for their demo are being discussed as you're reading this! Which means if you are a label interested in them, email href="mailto:snowtunes11@aol.com">Gary for a nice chat about women, gambling, and record deals. For the fans, the band hopes to have their demo ready for you to buy for home enjoyment of the boys at their next gig for a low price.

*Any information concerning shows will appear here. If anyone is interested in booking them, email Gary and the band will jump at the chance!

*An Archives containing all OLD *21 Fold* news has been added to the site...if your interested.

*Hey look, there's a guestbook just waiting for you to sign! Ask the band questions, give them suggestions, hell, ask them out if you'd like...whatever the case, just drop them a line! (The band would love to hear from you, and swears they'll attend to this feature dedicated to their fans and what they have to say.)

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***Updated on 7/17***
Hey, it IS summertime, you expect frequent updates? Why do you have the time to be reading this anyway? Just kidding....Gary is an AOL addict too! ha ha

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