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Right now, the man holding down the horn section!


*Name: Andrew Hink
*Nickname(s): Tomba & The Prodigy
*Date of Birth: 7/13/88
*Eye Color: Brown
*Hair Color: Brown
*Height: 5'4"
*Weight: 130
*Marital Status: single
*Occupation: PaperBoy, Student, Pokemon master, Piano Player

*Claim to fame: Youngest member of *21 Fold*; only 12 year old in a ska/punk band; prodigy on piano (began playing at the age of 6); the only sax player now!

*Band duties: Alto sax - all the horn parts!

*Inspirations: The Simpsons, Pokemon, life, and TV
*Favorite Bands: Jimmy Buffet, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin Daddies, The Spanish Word For Danger, Big Fat Huge; plus he loves all The Simpsons' cds.
*Favorite Song: One Particular Harbor, Dancing Into the Millenium(his own), Diary of a Lonely Snowboarder, You've Lost That Loving Feeling (*21 Fold*'s version)
*Favorite Movies: Armaggeddon, all 4 Star Wars Movies, Pokemon2000
*Hobbies: Collecting Pokemon cards, Pokemon websites, writing songs on piano, video games and other stuff.
*Rides: Lapras
*Outfitted by: whatever mom buys
*Quote: "The heck with it." "Go Crazy!"
*Shout Outs: Mom, Dad, Hoss, Craig, Barbie, Phil, Jenny and the rest of The Spanish Word For Danger, Michael (try to top this), and all Jimmy Buffett fans out there.

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