Pimpin' G's Bio
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*21 Fold*'s own...Pimpin' G

Trying to sing loud enough for everyone to hear his brilliant lyrics....

The inspriration behind what little effort Gary puts into the band...consequently the cutest band couple alive.

*21 Fold* boasts its guitarist/composer/singer as it's most vain member!
Pimpin' G's Bio

*Name: Gary Hink
*Nickname(s): Pimpin' G, Ken
*Date of Birth: 5/26

*Eye Color: a deep, seductive shade of brown
*Hair Color: naturally dark brown, however, Gary is seldom seen without bleach blonde strands which ridiculously emphasize his true color.
*Height: 5'8"
*Weight: 150 lbs

*Marital Status: Adoring the epitome of magnificent perfection, his Barbie doll.

*Occupation: Barbie's Sugar Daddy, Lifeguard, and President of WildCard Productions.
*Claim to fame: Started the band with Freakin' Phil. Also, he's in 2 New Truth.com Commercials...here's one:Name Tags

*Band duties: Melody/Lyric composer, guitarist, singer

*Inspirations: All of the girls he's interacted with; BigFatHuge; Kevin Smith's films; snowboarding; boredom in Ocean City; and of course his incredible girlfriend.

*Favorite Bands: A New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Saves The Day, No Use For A Name, Big Fat Huge, Blink 182, The Get Up Kids, MxPx, Strung Out, No Motiv, FenixTx, The*Ataris, Reggie and the Full Effect, Alkaline Trio, Midtown, RxBandits, The Spanish Word For Danger, Face First, Go Real Slow, Mu330, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Good Riddance, Lagwagon, The Offspring, Face to Face, Goldfinger, Unwritten Law, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Royal Crown Revue, NoFx...

*Favorite Song: Third Engine (STD), Passing Time(NFG), Without You (MxPx)

*Favorite Movies: Mallrats, Clerks, SLC Punk, Chasing Amy, Swingers

*Hobbies: Playing guitar, snowboarding, surfing, hockey, blackjack, poker, playing many instruments (Gary is the definition of *multi*talented), supporting the jersey scene however he can, putting on shows with his bro, Hoss (Wildcard Productions!) and staying in on Saturday nights because he has the coolest girlfriend in the entire world.

*Rides: Twin 53 Burton (hopefully a 2000 Burton Custom soon), Gravity Custom Longboard, and 6'2" Sharp Eye shortboard

*Quotes: " I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey...When do I get to wake up to you?" - Saves the Day

*Shout outs: Barbie~I love you, thanks for everything; Freakin, Jerry, and Andrew~you guys are great: great guys, great musicians, thanks for keeping *21 Fold* alive; Luke, Ben Jammin, Pete, Buddy, Josh, and Brian of Big Fat Huge (friend, fan, I love you guys); Christian @ Anti-Isms Productions!, Keeney, Hoss, and Cheetos - the Wildcard bunch; Jenny, Jay, Dave, and Johnny in The Spanish Word For Danger; Christian and Johnny of the Dickheads; Malibu Stacy, Little Moose, Leslie, Heather, Kim, D.Coggins, T.Price, M.Leopardi, Adam and Just In Case, Ryan in DLD, Joe Pedal Boy in Empty Handed, Tony and Matt in Dark Day Dawning, Chris in Go Real Slow, Chris and Pull 130, Heath in Midtown, Steve in SqueezePoint, Spencer in WheelChair Victory, Joe in 37 Slurp, Ivan and EJ in Not At All, SGR, Josh and Dirty Larry; Orange Avenue, The Blithering Idiots, The McFlys, Dave in Fiction, "DeviantAmbition" @ The NJ Punk and Ska Site, Matt @ SkaNJSkaOnline, Dave Jackpot, Emer in Philly, Erin, Ashley, Allie in Seattle, Bextar, hXc Amanda, Jamie and THE 2STEPCREW!; Pudge, Neil, Pags, John in Mich., Meyers, *A*, Jessica, Meggo, Jules, Frank, Kelly, Anthony, Kylee and all taggers; Kelsey, Mands, Lyndz, all of the *Official 21 Fold Hotties*, all of the jersey punk and ska scene kids keeping it real, all of the Truth.com kids, especially my Alabama crew and the chick from Alaska; and anyone I forgot (I'm sorry!)

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